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Plino Certification Program refers to all individuals who wish to build career in Application Development. The focus of Plino is on identifying experts capable within the industry. Plino has many IT certification exams suitable for all individuals who want to get assessed their caliber with industry recognized global certification brand.

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Plino offers wide range of Certification Exams where you can certify your IT Skills & Provide yourself a Recognition.

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Having Global certification will certainly give you an advantage when hiring managers look at your resume. Competition for IT jobs can be stiff, and having a certification is a significant advantage compared to those who do not have one. In fact, a certification can be a qualifier for a position.

In a volatile economic environment, businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs. That may mean jobs are on the line. This is when having an IT certification (or more) can mean the difference between keeping your job and having a chance to seek a new one. Earning a certification demonstrates that you are determined to enhance your skill set and knowledge - which benefits you and your employer. The bottom line is you must invest in yourself.

Want to move up the corporate ladder or into a better, higher-paying job in your company, then you will need to learn new technologies or enhance the skills you currently possess. There is no better way to show this than to earn a new certification or progress further up the certification chain in a current area of expertise.

Once you earn a certification with a specific vendor or manufacturer, then you join a unique group of certified and skilled professionals. This can prove to be an invaluable peer resource group when seeking answers to problems or sharing the solutions to your own challenging scenario. This peer group of certified professionals can also pass along guidance on how to further enhance your career or where to seek specific technical knowledge.

Earning a certification, especially a series of certifications from the same vendor, will provide immediate professional credibility. Who is going to question a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE), a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) or a Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA)? Having earned one (or more) of these certifications demonstrates your dedication and motivation to professional development.

IT professionals may have a requirement by their respective certification bodies to recertify every two to three years. In this instance, a certification or recertification exam can benefit both you and your employer.

Earning a certification on a recently released operating system, platform or application will demonstrate that you have achieved what few have done up to that point: become certified on a new product. Earning an IT certification on a new product can make you the subject matter expert in your organization - putting you in a positive light for your early efforts.

You may have set a personal goal for yourself to earn a new certification, whether for professional recognition or personal achievement. Certifications you earn this way may be the most satisfying, as you are rewarding yourself for your own efforts

One way to ensure that IT staff has the necessary skills and experience on existing and new technologies is through certifications and training. IT staff that have passed a certification exam or series of exams can be presumed to have the specific knowledge to be more productive members of the IT department and respond better to any incidents outside the normal environment. Companies that invest in their staff through training and certification will have a more technically advanced work force able to respond to new challenges quicker.

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Plino Global Certifications is Greatest Leading training Certifications offering classroom training on It Technologies. We offer most of the course online with virtual classroom to serve the IT aspirants.

We provide Authorized certificates for the successful candidates completing the courses. All the courses well prepared and simple course material We have the best faculty with excellent Experience along with detailed course material.

Special Offers

Special Offers

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We have experienced faculty to train professionals for improving their technology skills to day to day needs. As such the Software Companies are forced to adopt modern technology and concepts in order to be competitive globally

Book your training with confidence. With the industry's largest schedule of Guaranteed Dates, we have the right course that works for your schedule.


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Project Training Get Trained from anywhere with an Internet connection. Instructors teach students in a classroom and you can attend these courses online in real-time also. Includes demonstrations & hands-on lab sessions.

Choose where, when and how you train - in our training center classrooms, at your company, online with instructor or at your own pace.

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