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ICISM (Certified Information Security manager )

Information Security Management

About Paper

Plino’s Information Security Management Certification proves that the professional acquires certified skills to perform security-check and risk analysis. This paper contains 30 MCQs as per the given syllabus. Candidates are required to score a minimum of 30 marks out of 60 to successfully qualify for the examination.


  1. Information asset classification model
  2. Internal and External risk factors
  3. Legal, regulatory, organizational information security
  4. Risk Assessments, Re-assessments, Vulnerabilities and analysis methodologies
  5. Risk Treatment and risk reporting requirements
  6. Information security controls and the methods to analyze their effectiveness
  7. Gap analysis techniques
  8. Integrating information security risk management into business
  9. Compliance reporting
  10. Reporting of non-compliance
  11. Cost/Benefit Analysis for risk treatment

  1. Information Security Strategy
  2. Establishing Information Security Governance Framework
  3. Integrating Information Security Governance
  4. Information Security policies
  5. Identifying internal and external influences
  6. Monitoring information Security responsibilities
  7. Information Security Metrics

  1. Integration of information security program with business functions
  2. Acquiring resources for information security program
  3. Making guidelines
  4. Information security awareness
  5. Training, certifications and skill set development

  1. Severity hierarchy for information security incidents
  2. Establishing an incident response plan
  3. Processes to investigate and document information security incidents
  4. Communication plans and processes to management
  5. Post-incident reviews
  6. Incident response plan, business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan

Exam Format

This is an online examination with 30 objective-type questions. Each question carries 2 marks. The minimum qualifying marks are 50% of the total marks. The candidates attaining the minimum qualifying marks shall be declared eligible for E-certification.
Candidates may also seek re-examination by paying Rs. 600.

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