What is Plino Framework?

Plino Framework” is an open source PHP web application development framework. Plino Framework is based on simplicity, object-oriented programming. Plino framework is very easy to use and very usefull for rapid web application developement. Plino Framework was published in the 2012, and today it is among the leading frameworks available for PHP development. Plino Framework has many resources: easy to use, unlimited flexibility, stable and sustainable, plentiful documentation, community support (Mailing lists, IRC, etc), professional support (consulting, training, etc) and so on.“” is among the hundreds of sites and application developed on its platform.


It enables the users to develop websites and applications related to web in a faster speed which quickly furnishes the work. It contributes vastly in saving time and resources deployed in making the website and development of applications.


Being flexible relates to the ability of creating and editing the contents of the website and other sub contents of the website application. Flexibility also refers to the easy way of gelling Is provided to the new users.


Developed with simplicity, plino provides a facility which enables the user to be friendly with the framework and use to its optimum level to create and re-develop a website/application which can further elementize the contents.


Websites and applications created with the help of plino framework lasts with a durable piece of wok which is sustainable in terms of creation of a masterpiece web-application or website.It serves for a longer time to the end users with the same ease that was potrayed at the first time of its usage.


It integrates the system and the organization. It provides an ease for the information to be exchanged.